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Complément: Définition simple et facile du dictionnaire.
Traduction en anglais: complement. Mot ou groupe de mots rattaché à un autre et qui vise à en compléter ou préciser le sens. Exemple: Le complément d'objet' direct. Traduction en anglais: complement. Mise à jour le 06/01/21. Trouver une définition Recherche.
Complement-Wolfram Language Documentation.
The list returned by Complement is sorted into standard order. Complement e all, e 1, SameTest - test applies test to each pair of elements in e all and the e i to determine whether they should be considered the same.
Complement Deficiencies Immune Deficiency Foundation.
The Terminal Pathway TP is the final set of steps in the complement activation process that forms a membrane lesion or hole membrane attack complex or MAC that kills susceptible bacteria or other cells that activate complement on their surfaces.
complement meaning of complement in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
Related topics: Grammar complement complement 2 / kmplmnt km / AWL noun countable 1 SUITABLE someone or something that emphasizes the good qualities of another person or thing complement to This wine would be a nice complement to grilled dishes.
Compléments alimentaires -
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Complements in English Grammar.
The" object complement characterizes the object in the same way as the subject complement characterizes the subject: it identifies, describes, or locates the object as in We chose Bill as group leader, We consider him a fool, She laid the baby in the crib expressing either its current state or resulting state as in They found him in the kitchen vs.
COMPLEMENT verb definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
Synonyms and related words. To put things together or in a particular order. Definition and synonyms of complement from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of complement. View American English definition of complement.
complement immune system component Britannica.
Bound C3b activates the formation of membrane attack complexes, structures composed of other complement proteins that poke holes into the membrane of the invading microorganism and allow the contents of the cell to leak out and the cell to die.
Complement - definition of complement by The Free Dictionary.
full number volle Stärke; crew of ship Besatzung f; the battalion didnt have its full complement of soldiers das Bataillon hatte seine Sollstärke nicht; weve got our full complement in the office now unser Büro ist jetzt komplett or voll besetzt.

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